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Get an edge in the music industry by putting your songs in front of the most influential people in Nashville

Musicians Inspire Us.

That's why we built a product to help them put their music in front of the most influential people in the industry. We built HyperEDGE™ with the spirit, authenticity, and dedication of Nashville musicians.

Get Your Music Heard by ___________ .

  • Top Songwriters in Nashville

  • Spotify Playlist Curators

  • Talent Buyers at Nashville Venues

  • Talent Buyers at Nationwide Venues

  • Music Media Contacts

  • Country Radio Gatekeepers

  • Top Nashville Producers

  • A&R Executives at Record Labels

  • And More

How it Works

You Select Your Target Audience

You Select Your Platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Display Networks, YouTube


We Build Your Campaign Using Your Music Video(s) 

We Launch Your Campaign and Continually Optimize it for Maximum Delivery and Impact

We Identify Key Performance Signals and Insights, and Provide a Campaign Summary to Explore Next Steps

Powered by the World's Best Music Industry Data

As much as 80 percent of advertising performance is determined by the quality of the audience served.

That's why we invested tremendous time and resources in procuring the best dataset for HyperEDGE™. Our proprietary formula for obtaining and processing data gives us audiences that can't be replicated by others.

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Four Key Features Give You The Edge

Partnering with H.O.M.E. to Support Independent Artists

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If you do what everyone else does, you'll get what everyone else gets.

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