In June of 2016, through a local publication in Madison WI, we executed our first formal digital advertising trade in collaboration with a large sports event in the Midwest. 

The success of this trade led to the program's expansion among music festivals throughout the Midwest.

Today, HyperValue supports live music promoters throughout the United States with the largest advertising trade program.

Unlock These Trade Benefits, Increase Event Profit





Supplemental to Your Existing Marketing Initiatives

HyperValue offers its trade program supplemental to any existing marketing programs you may have. No interference on your agency. 

Optimization Model for Music Festivals

Minimize Fixed Costs

Reduce overhead and event costs to lower your break-even point.

Maximize Full Trade Potential

Make the most out of noncash assets, using comp. tickets and media assets to drive value.

Maximize Event Attendance

Once overhead costs are minimized and trade capacity is exhausted, event turnout is key.

Optimize Ancillary Sales

All else held constant, ancillary revenue streams serve as a final lever for profitability.

Certified Knowledge of Key Advertising Platforms

Advertising That Performs Under Pressure

Three key features distinguish our digital strategy from ineffective/unmeasurable traditional advertising

Hyper-Targeted Audience Segments for Your Ads

No spray-and-pray methods, no random targeting. Your ads are served only to those most likely to purchase.

Robust Tracking & Analytics

Complex conversion tracking and web analytics configuration gives you clear visibility on advertising results.

Lower Cost, Higher Returns

Low-cost tactics remove your barriers and allow you to scale your campaigns profitably.

Ongoing Optimizations and Reporting

You're the expert in your field - we're the experts in ours.

Together we make a great team. We optimize your campaigns from start to finish, fine-tuning the audiences and creative as needed to adapt to changing tides. 

We give you regular updates along the way and consult your industry expertise to maximize campaign performance.

Gain Exclusive Access to Verified Media Outlets

HyperValue's exclusive network of media publishers has been assembled and verified over time, so you can promote your event on top-quality, local content.


Let's discuss how we can help promote your event.

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