HyperValue's Live Music Trade Program supports music festivals and live events throughout the U.S., providing advanced marketing campaigns at no cash expense.

Target High-Probability Audience Segments Through Our Exclusive DMP

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HyperValue's exclusive data management platform lets you optimize ad delivery to those most likely to make a purchase.

Our custom audience plans identify the best prospects based on search query, behavioral data, and activity on secondary ticket purchasing markets like StubHub.

Certified Knowledge of Key Digital Platforms

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Unlock These Trade Benefits to Deliver Higher ROI


Our performance marketing approach enables your campaign for success, with robust tracking to measure returns.


Grow ticket sales with your noncash expense, and keep more cash on hand for other expenses.


Get more people in the doors  and increase ancillary revenues through ticket upgrades, food & beverage, and merchandise.


Acquire new customers through the HyperValue trade program, and benefit from long-term customer value. 

Optimization Model for Music Festivals

Minimize Fixed Costs

Reduce overhead and event costs to lower your break-even point.

Maximize Full Trade Potential

Make the most out of noncash assets, using comp. tickets and media assets to drive value.

Maximize Event Attendance

Once overhead costs are minimized and trade capacity is exhausted, event turnout is key.

Optimize Ancillary Sales

All else held constant, ancillary revenue streams serve as a final lever for profitability.

Supplemental to Your Existing Marketing Initiatives

HyperValue offers its trade program supplemental to any existing marketing programs you may have. No interference on your agency. 

Our Track Record


total events supported by the Live Music Trade Program, as of April 2021

> $220,000

HyperValue has delivered over $220,000 in total trade value through the program since 2018

Three Critical Features of the Live Music Trade Program

Hyper-Targeted Digital Ads

Your audience is unique. We customize your campaign with advanced layers of data and apply the latest digital marketing technologies to maximize the impact of your ads.

Exclusive Audience Segments

HyperValue's Live Music Trade Program taps into our proprietary DMP to uncover new, exclusive audience segments for your campaign.

Optimization of Ancillary Revenue from Sponsor Assets

Optimization doesn't end at the ad campaign level. We're focused on increasing Revenue per Attendee, even for attendees who entered the gates via complimentary tickets.

Ongoing Optimizations and Reporting

You're the expert in your field - we're the experts in ours.

Together we make a great team. We optimize your campaigns from start to finish, fine-tuning the audiences and creative as needed to adapt to changing tides. 

We give you regular updates along the way and consult your industry expertise to maximize campaign performance.


Let's discuss how we can help promote your event.