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We Believe in Music Creators

HyperValue has supported music festivals and concert producers since 2017, focusing on profitable advertising with a measurable impact. Passion for the music industry runs through our organization.

An Independent Business Supporting Independent Musicians

  • In today's world, being an independent musician is marketing, and marketing increasingly is digital marketing

  • It's never been easier to create music, but it's never been harder to sell music

  • There is a glass ceiling to independent musicians who are 100 percent DIY

  • We offer 2 services. We manage your marketing, and we also make your music better. When you're focusing on your music instead of worrying about marketing, your music improves

  • We are proud to work with people of incredible talent, so we keep our services affordable for musicians in order to do so

"I won't sign an act unless I can see an online presence"

"You've got to start making noise for yourself online. You have to lay the groundwork before you can go to mass market. It's about social media, making sure you have an online presence. Make noise online.

Nick Gatfield / CEO / Sony Music UK

"It's all about relationships, not just talent."

Craig Krampf / Songwriter, Producer, Musician / Nashville Musician's Association

Success is Rooted in Great Partnerships

You're always working on your craft.

We're always working on ours.

Our work is inspired by Nashville independent musicians. We strive to operate under the same values:

Authenticity, Passion, Hard Work, Craft, Relationships, and the Endless Pursuit of Perfection.

"Record labels come and go, but fanbases stay"

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Proudly Supporting Independent Artists Through H.O.M.E.

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