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Nashville Digital Marketing Podcast

Helping you get an edge in the digital marketing capital of the world

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If you're looking to get an edge in the music business, the Nashville Digital Marketing Podcast offers resources and teachings to help you capitalize on your digital opportunities.

A Podcast Dedicated to Helping You Advance Your Music Career

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Helping you get an edge in the ultra-competitive music industry by giving you the tools and strategies you need to succeed in the digital marketing capital of the world: Nashville, Tennessee.

Hosted by HyperValue founder Jake Bawolek, the Nashville Digital Marketing Podcast will help you grow your audience, optimize your digital profile, and build your brand as an independent musicians.

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Success is Rooted in Great Partnerships

You're mastering your craft.

We're mastering ours.

Much like the music industry, digital marketing is a constantly evolving, competitive environment that requires an ongoing pursuit of perfection.


We build your advertising campaigns and optimize them to your objectives, so you can focus on your own pursuit of excellence.

About Jake Bawolek

Jake Bawolek has spent years learning how to grow businesses with digital marketing tactics. Upon graduation from the Wisconsin School of Business, Jake launched HyperValue, LLC, a formalization of the music industry trade program he introduced as advertising director for Madison's leading collegiate publication.

As music festivals and concert promoters began to see significant gains from the program, HyperValue quickly expanded its offerings to festivals throughout the United States, and now boasts the largest full-scale advertising trade operation in the music industry.

In early 2020, Jake kicked off the development of a data-driven digital marketing model to help Nashville musicians put their music in front of music industry leaders to advance their career.