HyperEDGE Methodology Yields 9x Higher Match Rate on Facebook/Instagram Test

The HyperEDGE data management platform (DMP) was put to the test in March 2021 with Facebook and Instagram Ads, with the objective to quantify the difference in audience size compared to conventional upload methods.

Two Facebook Ad campaigns were deployed, targeting the same audience dataset of artist management executives located in Nashville, TN. Targeting expansion was disabled, automatic placements enabled, with a single ad set in each campaign.

All campaign, ad set, and ad settings were identical, with the exception of the custom audience targeted for each. The first campaign utilized HyperEDGE’s proprietary methodology to match the dataset to Facebook/Instagram accounts, while the second campaign used conventional customer match upload methods.

Due to the increasing pressures around data privacy, neither the audience manager nor the ad sets’ audience definition forecast tool revealed the size of the audiences.

To circumvent this drawback, HyperValue executed both ad campaigns at a daily budget of $2.00, to make inferences about audience size based on reach and impression metrics. Campaigns were launched at the same time and settings were held constant throughout the 7-day test period.

Results of each campaign are shown below. The campaign based on HyperEDGE methodology reached 102 unique users and served 236 impressions, while the ‘conventional upload’ campaign resulted in just 11 people reached and 28 total impressions.

Notably, the HyperEDGE campaign was continued after the test period and proceeded to reach almost 50 percent of the original audience dataset, on a budget of less than $100 total.

Results were definitive and demonstrated statistical significance at a 99% confidence level.

Source: DataStar Z-Test, Difference in Two Proportions

These findings show HyperEDGE’s ability to produce larger audiences and higher match rates than traditional methods, which has wide implications and use cases spanning a number of industries. Designed for targeting key gatekeepers in the music industry, it satisfies the need for high match rates to reach as many individuals as possible within a specified group (ie. playlisters, radio program directors, etc…).

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