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HyperValue Announces Full Immunization of HyperEDGE™ Data

November 20, 2020 – Madison, WI- and Nashville, TN-based HyperValue, LLC announced a full immunization and restructure of all data records contained within the master file that powers HyperEDGE™.

The most significant of several recent updates to the master file, the update is expected to maximize match rates on digital advertising platforms, and immunize the product against any changes that occur within each data record. HyperValue conducted a full rebuild and re-cleaning of its data to uphold the integrity of its mission to develop the most powerful dataset in the industry.

“After many hours of carefully planning, analyzing, and executing the necessary structural changes,” Founder Jake Bawolek said, “we are excited – and relieved – to announce the process has been completed.”

According to Bawolek, the idea to immunize the data surfaced after a unique discovery from a three-day experiment with multiple advertising platforms.

“Immunizing the data against time and change was an idea that was floated around within the organization all along,” Bawolek explained, “but executing it with accuracy and within the limitations of digital platforms was the hurdle.”

“We conducted a three-day experiment with three of the largest social marketing platforms, addressing a completely separate issue, when we uncovered critical information that will be maintained as intellectual property of HyperValue, LLC.”

The HyperEDGE™ product was launched in September of 2020 as a cutting-edge digital marketing product that connects independent musicians to music industry gatekeepers that can help them reach the next level of their career.

Since the inception of the product idea in January of 2019, HyperValue has touted its data quality as the key feature of the HyperEDGE™.

“Having perfect data is near impossible,” said Bawolek. “That’s why few companies have attempted it, and few if any have come close. But we know how critical it is for our clients to have good data, so we’re taking every necessary step to have perfect data.”

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